Receiving trainees

The Fazenda Tamanduá Institute currently enables a large number of students from Technical Schools and Universities to experience life on the Farm, and to do research and their internships, curricular or otherwise.

At present, there are 14 universities and agro-technical schools (Brazilian and international) which are registered to send trainees from several of their courses.

The highest number of students received have come from the Federal Agro-technical Schools of Sousa, PB, Catolé do Rocha, PB and Belo Jardim, PE, for curricular internships. The following are among them: Suzana, Ariana, Marilene, Táles, Jocélio, Yuri, José Gomes, Rodrigo, Jacob, Ariclenis, Edno, Edipó, Tarcísio, Teles, Cleiton Leandro, Francisco Jucieli, Patrício, Elcione...  

Jamerson, Kleibson, Pedro, Beth and Amanda

The success of this collaboration is such that several of them were hired to join Fazenda Tamanduá’s staff!

Besides taking part in the biodynamic management of fruit growing, cattle raising and bee keeping at a “farming organism”, the trainees have the opportunity to live in and learn about a different region, a different community and a different vision of rural activities in the North-Eastern semi-arid region.

Gabi Wichser

Gabi Wichser, graduating in social anthropology, Fribourg University, Switzerland.

From the scientific point of view, my internship was very interesting. After receiving so much academic knowledge, it was a very enriching practical experience getting to know what the reality was, being faced with the routine tasks to be resolved, trying to adapt theory to reality, and trusting my own thoughts, when I realized how different this real situation was from what I had learnt. What was really great and impressed me most was the people. I had never thought it was possible to make so many friends in such a short time!” 

Ana Carolina Vinholi

Ana Carolina Vinholi, récem formada em ciências sociais pela Universidade do Vale de Itajaí, Santa Catarina, que realizou o trabalho : “História oral dos moradores da Fazenda Tamanduá como indicador de saber tradicional”.Ana Carolina Vinholi, who had recently graduated in social sciences at the Vale de Itajaí University, Santa Catarina

In this three-month period, I got to know a different kind of sertão from what I had in mind, far from what the media shows. A sertão region that is dry in January and in March, green and covered in water. Full of mystery and beliefs that rapidly got me involved”.

Thiago Takashi Terabe

Thiago Takashi Terabe, who has recently graduated in agronomy from the State University of the North of Paraná, Luiz Meneghel Faculty.

“Since the very first day, what pleased me most was the welcome and the reception that I had at Fazenda Tamanduá. Throughout the internship I sought to talk a lot to the workers, the technical people, the workshop personnel, the inhabitants, and I observed a people who were simple but very happy and satisfied with what they have, even though they do not have the amenities of the big cities. This is due to their characteristics, which are lacking in most parts of our country: union and honor!”

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